Anti-inflammatory benefit

Flogosis or inflammation is a defense mechanism that constitutes a protective response as a consequence of a harmful action by agents that may be biological, chemical or physical in order to eliminate the initial cause and stop cell or tissue damage and initiate the reparative process .

The longer the inflammatory state continues the greater the cellular or tissue damage and the more difficult the repair process will be. The body, in case of inflammation, puts in place a series of mechanisms aimed at fighting the inflammatory state. Anti-inflammatory drugs are subdivided into steroids or non-steroids (NSAIDs) depending on the type of action to be taken. Also important are natural remedies that, unlike drugs, generally do not cause any side effects

Discover products with anti-inflammatory benefits

OftyVit® Patent n. 0001407612

Moisturizing, lubricating, chelating and protective eye drops containing antioxidant and nourishing substances for ocular tissues.


Dietary supplement based on Curcumin and Piperine, can be useful to promote the antioxidant action of the organism.

Secril® plus

Integrator designed to counteract the accentuation of disorders due to dryness of the tissues nourishing and protecting them from oxidative aging