Chelation therapy has considerable applications both in preventive and in various degenerative diseases. It mainly uses the use of a synthetic amino acid: EDTA (ethyl tetracetic diamine acid).

EDTA is a chemical that removes unwanted metals, through chelation (electrochemical bonding) from liquids or tissues with which it comes into contact. Some metals, such as lead, mercury and cadmium, are toxic to the body if their levels exceed the norm.

On the principle that all metals, if in excess, turn out to be toxic to the health of the individual, chelation therapy is based. In fact, EDTA normalizes the distribution of many metallic elements in the body, reduces the metabolism of calcium and cholesterol by eliminating their catabolites (final chemicals) that are the cause of their toxicity for the damage that occurs to the cellular membranes.

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Eye drops that perform a disinfectant, emollient, lubricating and moisturizing action, indicated to disinfect and moisturize the ocular mucosa in case of dry eye.