The dried blueberry extract is rich in anthocyanosides that act on the microcirculation increasing the resistance and the permeability of the capillaries.

The anthocyanosides are able to perform a protective action at the microcirculatory level by regulating the excessive capillary permeability, thus showing a capillary protective action now well demonstrated both at the level of the blood vessels.

Rigorous clinical studies show that blueberry anthocyanosides reduce the damage to retinal capillaries in a statistically significant manner compared to placebo in patients suffering from hypertensive and / or diabetic retinopathy.

During the Second World War, RAF pilots took blueberry tablets to improve their sight at twilight

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Neomyrt® plus

Supplement based on blueberry, centella, rutin and selenium useful for the treatment and prevention of microcirculation diseases.