Egg Membrane

LThe egg membrane is a natural substance that has a synergistic and beneficial action on the joints, testified by several clinical studies.

Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other substances are commonly used to improve the health of the joints and fall, alone or in association, in the composition of many food supplements.

Their purpose is to improve joint function, strengthen the structure of the joints, reduce inflammation and pain. People suffering from arthritis, the elderly and sports are those who mostly resort to the use of supplements that improve the health and functionality of their joints.

The search for new sources of these ingredients has led to the discovery that the membrane that covers the eggshell internally is not only rich in these components but also that their balance allows a synergistic action that significantly increases its effectiveness .The composition: it is an innovative product obtained by removing the inner membrane of the chicken eggs by means of a patented system.
The egg membrane represents a natural protective barrier that contains many elements beneficial to health The analysis of the composition reveals the presence of many elements useful for the well-being of the joints, in particular:

COLLAGEN (33-38%)






To these greater components are added more than 500 other minor constituents ( elastin, desmosine, beta growth factor, sulfur amino acids and others) that contribute to enhancing the overall effect.

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Integrator designed to counteract the accentuation of disorders due to dryness of the tissues nourishing and protecting them from oxidative aging.