Glaucoma is a degenerative disease that, in Italy alone, affects over a million people and unfortunately, half of them are not even aware of being affected.
It has been called “the silent thief of sight”. It is a degeneration of the optic nerve which causes a progressive narrowing of the visual field up to blindness.
In the eye affected by glaucoma the outflow of the aqueous humor is altered: the liquid accumulates and consequently the intraocular pressure increases.
All this causes compression or crushing of the optic nerve resulting in damage and death of the nerve fibers. Prevention and frequent monitoring by the specialist is important.
Eyedocles for the control of endoocular pressure can be associated with Oftyvit® that thanks to the combination MSM and EDTA has a chelating and antioxidant action that interrupts the vicious circle that leads to neurodegeneration.

Discover the products for glaucoma

OftyVit® Patent n. 0001407612

Moisturizing, lubricating, chelating and protective eye drops containing antioxidant and nourishing substances for ocular tissues.



Eye drops that perform a disinfectant, emollient, lubricating and moisturizing action, indicated to disinfect and moisturize the ocular mucosa in case of dry eye.

Flavogin® plus

Supplement based on Ginkgo biloba and bioflavonoids that performs a regulating vessel action.


Supplement consisting of a complete complex of antioxidants useful to protect cells from free radicals.