Antioxidant benefit

To obtain an antioxidant action it is necessary to neutralize free radicals and only in this way is it possible to protect the organism from their negative action. During the numerous metabolic processes, a small amount of oxygen gives rise to chemically very reactive molecules due to the presence in the outermost orbital of one or more unpaired electrons. These molecules, called free radicals, are able to damage cellular structures such as the plasma membrane and DNA.

The negative action of free radicals affects the health of the body by accelerating the processes of cellular aging, impoverishing the immune system that is at the origin of the onset of numerous diseases and forms of cancer. It is possible to control the activity of free radicals through special endogenous antioxidant substances (enzymes synthesized by our organism) and exogenous substances (substances present in foods such as vitamin E)

Discover products with antioxidant benefits

OftyVit® Patent n. 0001407612

Moisturizing, lubricating, chelating and protective eye drops containing antioxidant and nourishing substances for ocular tissues.


Dietary supplement based on Curcumin and Piperine, can be useful to promote the antioxidant action of the organism.


Integrator designed to counteract the accentuation of disorders due to dryness of the tissues nourishing and protecting them from oxidative aging.

Neomyrt® plus

Supplement based on blueberry, centella, rutin and selenium useful for the treatment and prevention of microcirculation diseases.

Flavogin® plus

Supplement based on Ginkgo biloba and bioflavonoids that performs a regulating vessel action.