Coleus is the natural source of Forskolin, component with a stimulating action of the enzyme adenylate cyclase. The enzyme adenylate cyclase is the enzyme that determines an increase in the cellular concentration of the second AMP-cyclic messenger (cAMP) with consequent stimulation of some actions including the reduction of inflammation and the reduction of blood pressure.

Recent studies have studied the effect of coleus on the change in lean mass / fat mass ratio (BMI – Body Mass Index). This action therefore includes an increase in the consumption of fats (lipolysis), an increase in insulin secretion and an increase in the secretion of some factors responsible for the digestive process.

The combination of these actions leads to a global increase in lean mass due to a greater thermogenic reaction, i.e. there is an improvement in the absorption of the nutrients taken in with the diet which are incorporated mainly in the lean mass.

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Supplement studied to facilitate the weight loss process in case of obesity and polisarcy resistant to the common dietetic-alimentary solutions.