Bioflavonoids are very common plant polyphenols found in nature and are part of the composition of different foods.

They have an antioxidant action and protect capillaries and collagen. – Bioflavonoids, also known as Vitamin P (P = Permeability) are composed of a group of brightly colored substances that often appear in fruits and vegetables together with Vitamin C.

They are essential for the proper absorption and use of Vitamin C; Vitamin C helps maintain collagen (intercellular cement) in good condition and is vital for strengthening capillaries and decreasing their permeability.

These actions help to prevent bleeding and breakage of the capillaries, to support connective tissues and to provide a protective barrier against infections.

Discover the products with Bioflavonoids

Neomyrt® plus

Supplement based on blueberry, centella, rutin and selenium useful for the treatment and prevention of microcirculation diseases.

Flavogin® plus

Supplement based on Ginkgo biloba and bioflavonoids that performs a regulating vessel action.