Ondefence is a food supplement based on turmeric with maximum titration of its active ingredient Curcumin.

Thanks to its special formulation, to the purity and synergy of its ingredients, it allows Curcumin to be almost entirely absorbed and to exert its remarkable properties.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Antioxidant properties

Pain-relieving properties

Purifying properties

What is Ondefence®?

Ondefence® is a dietary supplement notified to the Ministry of Health, 30 tablets; based on Curcumin extract of Curcuma and Bioperine® from Pepper extract, it has a strong antioxidant activity on the body.


Curcumin has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, pain-relieving, purifying, hepatoprotective, cicatrizing and anti-mutagen properties.

The components of Ondefence® contribute to the maintenance of proper blood circulation, physiological levels of lipids and blood sugar, joint mobility and the optimization of mental and cognitive activity.


1-2 tablets daily

Additional Info

Curcuma (turmeric)

The scientific studies published on turmeric are innumerable and could fill an entire library.

The properties of curcumin, extracted from the rhizome of the Curcuma Longa plant of the Zingiberaceae family, have been known for thousands of years.

What is perhaps less known is the low bioavailability of the substance and therefore the uselessness, for nutraceutical purposes, of the use of turmeric powder in everyday use.


The substance has the following problems:






  • LOSS OF BIOACTIVITY following glucoronation and sulfation especially in the liver





These characteristics would make the substance useless for the purposes of effective functional integration.
The formulation of Ondefence® has therefore been studied to maximize the bioavailability of curcumin.

The primary objectives of our formulation are the achievement of the hydro-solubility of curcumin and the subsequent overcoming of the hepatic passage without loss of

Turmeric solubility

Water solubility is a very important aspect; in fact, increasing the solubility in water ensures the transmission of the substance in the blood.

We therefore studied a synergy of components that could help turmeric to dissolve in water. A dissolution test, carried out by a third laboratory, compared Ondefence® with the most widespread product in the world based on turmeric.

The result showed a clear difference in the percentage of dissolution in favor of Ondefence®.
The graph shown opposite shows a water solubility of more than 20% of Ondefence® compared to the product based on comparative turmeric.

solubilità curcuma


We have not been content with improving water solubility, but we have tried to prevent turmeric from being inactivated by Phase II liver enzymes.

The use of absolutely minimal and no side effects of Black Pepperallows interference with phase II enzymes, inhibiting them and allowing curcumin not to be conjugated to the liver and to be subsequently assimilated. In particular we used the Bioperine® (a very pure extract of black pepper based on 95% standardized alkaloid piperine).

Ondefence® high titration

Ondefence® is also characterized by the highest titration of active ingredients of the components used.

Each tablet of Ondefence® contains 500 mg of turmeric, titrated to 95% in curcumin; this means that 475 mg of active ingredient is taken for each tablet, a larger and considerably higher quantity than commercially available turmeric products.