Fatty Liver Disease

The fatty liver most commonly known as fatty liver is an excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells. It is normal for the liver to contain fat but if this amounts to more than 5-10% of the weight of the liver, it can be said that it is in the presence of fatty liver that can develop serious complications. A diet that is too rich in calories is the first cause.

When the liver does not process or metabolize fats as it should normally do, excess fat accumulates. We tend to develop fatty liver if other pre pathological or pathological conditions such as obesity, diabetes or hypertriglyceridemia are present; even alcohol abuse, rapid weight loss for extreme diets and malnutrition can lead to this situation.

An inflamed liver can become fibrous and induce over time. This condition, which is ultimately a cirrhosis, is a decisive step towards liver failure. Generally the pathology is asymptomatic.


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