Eye Hydrating Benefit

In 90% of cases, in the presence of conjunctival redness, burning, itching, lacrimal insufficiency is responsible for these disorders. Lacrimal insufficiency is a problem affecting millions of patients and unfortunately the cases are continuously increasing. Tears are a dynamic component of the ocular apparatus that adapts to various situations and external factors.
The deficiency may be due to poor tear production or excessive evaporation. The tear film is equipped with optical functions, protection, nutrition and lubrication of the ocular surface. If for some reason, both quantitatively and qualitatively, or from a static point of view, the dynamic tear film cannot exert these functions, the system the ocular surface enters a state of crisis.

If it is unable to adapt and quickly correct this difficult condition, it enters a state of suffering and later of illness. It is therefore important to intervene with tear substitutes in order to make up for the deficiency that has been created and keep the ocular system in constant equilibrium.

Discover products with eye-hydrating benefits

OftyVit® Patent n. 0001407612

Moisturizing, lubricating, chelating and protective eye drops containing antioxidant and nourishing substances for ocular tissues.



Collirio che svolge un’azione disinfettante, emolliente, lubrificante e idratante, indicato per disinfettare ed idratare le mucose oculari nei casi di occhio secco.