Dryness is the result of scarce or absent hydration. Whatever the primary cause or area of ​​concern of dryness, this is closely related to an inflammatory state. External causes (UV rays, pollution, intense sports and wear and tear, unhealthy lifestyles) and internal causes (certain diseases, aging, menopause) can cause dryness and therefore cause inflammatory states that in addition to being painful can cause chronic diseases .The areas of our body most subject to dryness can be skin: especially with age, it is increasingly subject to the onset of phlogistic forms that promote skin dehydration. Dry skin is characterized by a progressive thinning of the epidermis, by the quantitative and qualitative alteration of the connective fibers of collagen and by a decrease in the hydrolipidic film. Membranes and mucous membranes: The mucous membranes are structures that cover the internal cavities (eg vagina, mouth): they are made of epithelial tissue and a connective tissue. The reduced or absence of mucus production due to causes related to a disease or due to external causes can facilitate the onset of inflammation and infection.

Synovial joints Pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis or Sijongren’s syndrome are autoimmune diseases characterized by inflammation with prevalent joint involvement, often of a chronic type, of the synovium with connective tissue involvement causing joint pain and mucosal deficiency, a typical feature of dry membranes joint.


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