Heavy legs, veins in evidence, capillary fragility are some of the symptoms that signal the need to intervene to improve the circulation of our body. Venous insufficiency often associated with reduced valve function leads to a slowing of circulation, venous walls lose elasticity, capillaries tend to dilate with the consequence of a downflow of blood.

All this is manifested by tingling in the lower limbs, swelling in the legs and ankles and feeling of pain. It is important to keep the body circulation physiologically healthy both with a proper lifestyle and with the help of natural substances that facilitate venous return, improve tissue trophism and increase the permeability and resistance of the vessels.

Discover products with vasoprotectors benefits

Neomyrt® plus

Supplement based on blueberry, centella, rutin and selenium useful for the treatment and prevention of microcirculation diseases.

Flavogin® plus

Supplement based on Ginkgo biloba and bioflavonoids that performs a regulating vessel action.